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Our Story!!!

This is close to our heart...

Our story is where Love Me...(And My Secret) began. Back in 2014 my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a strong lady who loves to go for dinner and spend time with family and friends. A Confident, young beautiful lady. She has 3 children who are all girls and who love to shop. One of which is me! Hello my name is Morgan. Back in 2014 we went shopping before my mums surgery to make sure she had everything she may need. When we came to look for a post surgery/mastectomy bra we were disappointed to say the least. I always remember my younger sister saying 'we would not expect nan to wear that never mind you.' The bras were plain and boring. There was no feel good factor. This is when we decided to ACT and do something about it. 
We have designed a line of bras we hope will bring a smile back to your face! Always remember to stand up tall, be confident as you are BEAUTIFUL!!! 

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Design Features...

We understand you strong power women have been through ALOT! Our bras were designed to bring back that feel good feeling and your Confidence.

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High Quality Guaranteed

Exceeding Expectations

We have used the best materials to increase your comfort. Organic cotton lining the cups are super soft against the skin.

Simply Stunning

Only the Best

Our designs are so pretty using pretty and glamorous fabrics.

Confidence Restored

Above and Beyond

Our super supportive bras and designs me hope will bring back your confidence.

Happy Customer Reviews!!! 

Since releasing Love Me...(And My Secret), we’ve been thrilled to receive great feedback from countless customers. But don’t take our word for it - check out some of our reviews below. Still have questions? Simply get in touch.

Lovely bras, very pretty and beautifully made. I have no hesitation in recommending these to anyone following breast surgery. I find the deep bands at the side are so comfortable and the fit is perfect. Very pleased with mine.

💕 S Johnson 💕

I have just been doing a fashion parade in my house, alone in my new well fitting bras that I ordered from Love me and my Secret
I have been looking for a perfect match since 2012 following mastectomy due to breast cancer.
I have lost my boobs to cancer, but Love me and my Secret gave me back my body shape and definitely my confidence
Now I am fighting this cancer knowing I look and feel sexy.

💕 M. Kgaodi 💕

OMG these bras are amazing!! I had bi lateral breast cancer 3 years ago and had a mastectomy one side and lumpectomy the other , I have suffered with lymphodeoma down my side ever since and have never been able to find a bra that is both pretty and feels amazing , UNTIL NOW !! Cannot recommend highly enough , Such fab service too I’ve ordered 3 more !!

💕 S Maudling 💕

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